LD33: No Credit, No Problem!

2015-08-25 08:40:56 by Razoric


I live in an area that is filled with Title Loan offices so I figured the LD33 - "You are the Monster" theme would be perfect for basing a game off them.   

The gameplay is similar to Papers, Please, though a lot more simplifed due to the time constraints of development (72 hours).  

You can view contest entry here:  http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=27935

And you can play the game here:  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/662609




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2017-04-15 18:31:19

Damn Rob, you're almost 40? I was bored out of my mind and decided to get on this thing today and looked you guys up. Crazy that Randy went out. I used to troll on your website when I was 12 years old. Holy God man, you still make flash stuff? Is this where all of your income comes from? wtf lol?

Razoric responds:

Yeah man, I'm still doing this stuff when I can. I don't make all my income from this, it's more of a hobby as it's always been. :)

I remember you from Razor-Age. Good times! lol